Brunch for Lunch

Egg Harbor: Johns Creek, GA, USA

We return back to Egg Harbor for brunch as a random request from my dad.  Truth be told, brunch is brunch, and it has to blow me away for it to be noteworthy.  I do have to admit though, there are certain things that I will pay hefty for and one of those things is any form of an Eggs Benedict.  I think to make the Hollandaise sauce just takes a lot of time, and it is very difficult to poach an egg in the traditional style of poaching an egg.  I sincerely hope that Egg Harbor does not use one of those microwaveable egg poachers because not only is that thing toxic when you place it under radiation (microwaves are considered a form of it), it just totally deflates the coolness of just simply poaching an egg.

This time, Momma L. and I split the Farmer’s Eggs Benedict – it comes with artichokes which was a nice little twist.  I also ordered a side of turkey bacon to go with it.  Poppa L. got what I believe was the classic breakfast and added a side of corned beef hash to his platter as well.  We both got regular grits instead of the homestyle potatoes so unfortunately, I won’t be able to give a rating on that.  But let’s continue:

Farmer’s Eggs Benedict

  • perfectly poached, white was not overcooked (which sometimes happens)
  • no basil hollandaise sauce as mentioned in the menu : -1 point!
  • good flavor with the artichokes, not overbearing (ie. not too much artichoke)
  • much “healthier” option (if you ignore the hollandaise sauce that is dripping on top).
  • comes with side of mandarin oranges and grits or potatoes: grits are not as smooth and creamy as they are at Waffle House believe it or not.  The cheese grits are better but still not smooth and creamy like I think they should be.
farmers' eggs benedict

farmers’ eggs benedict

Turkey Bacon

  • good portions, big long strips
  • not cooked extra crispy (unfortunately I like my bacon super crispy to get as much fat out as possible)
turkey bacon

turkey bacon

Classic Breakfast

  • good portions, large size for a small to moderate eater
  • comes with two eggs, grits or potatoes, english muffin and you can add bacon/hash to it if you like — I can’t really comment on more than the size as I didn’t actually eat this dish.
  • corn beef hash: super tasty, really large amount for a side order.  Not over done, and tastes similar to a SPAM hash which most Asians love anyway. (Hello spam musubi!)
classic breakfast

classic breakfast

corned beef hash

corned beef hash

All in all a summary:

  • Farmers’ Egg Benedict: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • turkey bacon: *** (3 stars)
  • corned beef hash: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you wanted to check out Egg Harbor for yourself, they have two locations in Georgia and multiple locations elsewhere, Indiana being one of them I believe.  However, if you are in my neck of the woods, you can find them here:

10270 Medlock Bridge Rd.  
Johns Creek, GA 30097, USA
(770) 807-8018

Until next time, bon apetit!


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