Revisiting The Swallow

Swallow At The Hollow: Roswell, GA, USA

For my birthday lunch celebration two Saturdays ago, I wanted to get something that I normally wouldn’t go eat, and so I decided on southern barbecue.  At first I thought about trying somewhere new, like Community BBQ, but then I figured for the majority of people who were attending, it was a bit of a drive to the city and many people had other plans afterwards.  Then I thought about Swallow at The Hollow and my craving for fried green tomatoes kicked in.

50/50 platter

50/50 platter

While my normal go-to dish are southern bbq ribs, this time, I wanted to try something different, something blogworthy haha!  My friend Minh did get the ribs and when I saw them, I almost regretted not getting it.  However, I believe my pulled pork platter was just as good.  I actually split the platter into a 50/50 plate with pulled pork and beef brisket.  Well, what they said was brisket.  All in all, a quick summary:

pulled pork

  • warm, moist with bits of fat in the cuts
  • chopped not pulled so less of it in your teeth
  • goes perfect w/ House ketchup-based sauce.

beef “brisket”

  • dry to the bone, if there was one on there
  • tasteless unless you just want to taste the sauces on the table
Swallow At the Hollow - pulled pork

chopped pork


beef brisket

beef brisket

The second time here, I also got the mac-n’-cheese as well as the fried green tomatoes.  The tomatoes were just as I remembered, firm, warm, crispy on the outside and paired perfectly with ranch dressing.  I should have just gotten a basket of those instead.  The mac-n’-cheese could have used alittle work:

FGT (Fried Green Tomatoes)

  • firm, crispy, perfect
  • downside: only 2 slices as a side to a platter. booo.
  • paired perfectly with ranch dressing


  • too much cream, not enough cheese
  • not al-dente pasta
  • sufficient quantity, comes out hot though so if you eat it right away, you’ll fool yourself into thinking this is quality M&C

All in all a final summary:

  • Pulled Pork/Beef Brisket Platter (meat only): *** (3 stars)
  • M&C: ** (2 stars)
  • FGT: **** (4 stars)

If you wanted to check out The Swallow for yourself, you can find them here:

1072 Green St, Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 352-1975
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