Oysters Or Lobster?

Thames Street Oyster House: Baltimore, MD, USA

oysters off the bar

oysters off the bar

On a last minute trip to Baltimore recently, I wanted to get some good seafood.  While crab season begins in June and ends roughly sometime in August/September, I was pretty sure that if you have a part of town called “Inner Harbor”, you have to have boats.  If you have boats, you surely must have seafood of some kind, and I was correct!

I wasn’t so much on the search for oysters as I was for the lobster roll.  After my one kick in Atlanta about a month ago, I was craving seafood, particularly lobster roll, and I found it!  I did order two oysters off the raw bar, but they weren’t really blogworthy so I decided to leave them off.

I can’t say that I was really impressed with the lobster roll here.  For one, it was more expensive than the one in Atlanta.  (Seriously guys? You are a 12hr drive closer to Maine than we are).  Not to mention, it just didn’t slam me into the ground with flavor, especially when the Atlanta version had that fabulous Tennessee whiskey bread.  The sides though were pretty tasty, although it may be a bit too “gourmet” for a “lobster roll”.

lobster roll

  • small: about 1.5 size of a small fist (think Asian fist)
  • not stuffed to the brim and falling out with meat
  • smaller hunks of lobster
  • mediocre bread – no sweetness, well toasted and buttered
lobster roll

lobster roll

beet side salad

  • roasted beets w/ goat cheese
  • fresh and lighter than the sandwich
  • moderately filling for a side portion

The other dish that I added which I probably should not have as I was pretty full by then was the Lobster Mac N’ Cheese.  I think I must’ve been foolish twice because it in no way came close to the one that I had in Seattle at Purple Wine and Bar.  THAT was lobster mac and cheese!

lobster mac n’ cheese

  • super hot, in a skillet fresh out of the oven
  • panko-bread crumb crust
  • not the most cheesiest, almost like a cross between Velveeta and other cheese 50/50 mix
  • moderate (and I’m being generous here) amount of lobster meat
lobster mac n' cheese

lobster mac n’ cheese

All in all, a summary:

    • lobster roll: *** (3 stars)
    • beet salad: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
    • lobster mac n’ cheese: ***(3 stars)

If you happen to be in the Baltimore/DC area and wanted to check out Thames Street Oyster House by yourself, you can find them here eat:

1728 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
(443) 449-7726
Bon apetit!
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