A Little Bit of Rain…I Mean Maine

Nicky’s Seafood/The Lobster Lord: Atlanta, GA, USA

If you got my title, you would know that my reference is the one song that Eponine sings in Les Miserables right when she is dying after delivering Cosette’s message from Marius.  However, this has nothing to do with the lobster roll that my friend, J.Song, and I ventured all the way to Atlanta for before hiking last Saturday afternoon.

Nicky's Seafood

Nicky’s Seafood

It’s really hard to find a good lobster roll in Atlanta.  We have decent seafood restaurants, not amazing ones, but the lobster roll is hard to find.  In fact, I don’t think it really exists.  However, I suppose it does because we got one that day!  Originally I thought the Lobster Lord was some bulky fisherman dude who was making these magical edible things called lobster sandwiches.  Then again, I probably was setting myself up because all I really hear about lobster rolls is from food network up in Boston.  In addition, my friends actually had the G&G lobster roll up in Chicago and they said that there was so much meat, it was almost like having 2 lobsters on that thing instead of one.  So for $20, I’m definitely hoping for something pretty hefty in size.

lobster roll up close

lobster roll up close

I can’t say that I was impressed with this lobster roll.  For one, there wasn’t enough meat.  At least, there wasn’t enough meat for $20 worth.  I realize that there might be probably one lobster per roll, but bread is cheap and so is mayo.  Not to mention, the location of this place doesn’t seem to scream “high rent” (it was by some rail road tracks and not the most fanciest area of town).  I guess you have to account for that orchid they stuck in there though.  Orchids are pretty expensive, but if you ask me, I’d rather have $8 more lobster than an orchid.

lobster meat

lobster meat

The bread was actually my favorite part.  It was this supposedly famous “Tennessee Whisky Bread” that they brought in from Tennessee.  I think that the lack of flavor in the lobster-mayo concoction really brought out the sweetness in the bread which was freshly toasted right in front of you just before they loaded it up.  I also ordered a side of collard greens because I had to even things out with some veggies. For $2.00 a side, it was a fairly small portion considering how cheap as hell it is to make this.  The staff is really friendly though, traditional Southern manners.  Maybe if I’m in the area, I’ll try to go for their other seafood plates.

All in all, I don’t know if I would come back here just for the lobster roll.  It’s a bit of a drive for me so when I have to make that kind of effort and throw down that kind of dough for a sandwich, it better be amazeballs.  The line was to the door by 1245pm so you really have to get there on time (noon) so that you actually get to order the lobster roll.  Truth be told though, I may want to make my own lobster roll when they go on sale.  Periodically H-mart or Assi will have frozen and fresh lobsters on sale and at that point, it’ll probably be game over for me.

All in all, a summary:

  • lobster roll: *** (3 stars)
  • collards:**.5 (2.5 stars for the quantity vs price)

If you still get those lobster roll cravings and you’re in the area, check out the Lobster Lord at Nicky’s Seafood — weekends only.

609 Whitehall St SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
404) 588-3474

May your seafood cravings be quickly fulfilled…


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