Bang Out Some Cold Noodles

Bang Ga Nae: Duluth, GA, USA

My church friends and I come here a few times, mostly when we want to eat the korean “cold noodles” (냉뮨).  Lately it seems that all I’ve been eating is korean food lately, but I can’t seem to get tired of my Asian foods.  Mul neng myun is probably one of my favorite things to eat in the summer time as it literally is made in a ice-cold soup.  The noodles are super chewy (another favorite), and there are most times glaciers of shaved ice just floating around.  This dish is served with vinegar and mustard on the side that can be added to taste.  Most times, it comes with half of a hard-boiled egg, pickled daikon, cucumber, and pieces of thinly sliced beef. Keep in mind, this is “mul” naeng myun (water cold noodle).  There is a dry but spicy naeng myun called bibim naeng myun and is much different than this dish I am writing about.

naeng myun

naeng myun

I can’t say that the naeng myun at Bang Ga Nae is amazing.  It’s hard for me to truly rate naeng myun unless it is butchered.  They do serve it in an ice-bowl here though which is what a lot of people go for.  However, some people will say that for $2 more, it isn’t worth the dilution of the broth.  I’ve never gotten it, but that theory makes sense.  As I tend to prefer my foods more on the savory end, I will probably refrain from getting it based on my references.

Many of those massive korean super grocery stores (H-Mart, Assi) will sell naeng myun packets you can make at home.  All you have to do is boil the noodles, drain them, rinse in cold water, and then dissolve the soup base in ice-cold water.  You’d have to pickle your own daikon and cook your own meat slices though, but it’s definitely worth it.  Each pack is roughly around $5-$6 but has at least 2-3 servings in it so you get your money’s worth.

I do remember once before (no picture) that I got the naeng myun-kalbi (grilled beef ribs) combo at Bang Ga Nae, and the ribs were just not that great.  In fact, it was really dried out and super chewy.  The flavor was all there, but it was so hard to eat that it took away from the experience.  Definitely will not get them again.

All in all a summary:

  • naeng myun (regular bowl): ***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you wanted to try Bang Ga Nae for yourself, they can be found here:

3312 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 417-7769

Until next time!


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