Widening the Circle

throwback pic : childhood friends

throwback pic : childhood friends

Today is all about the new friends that we meet via the Internet!  Here are a couple more introductions that I would like make for you:

More Food Please: Ada has a great blog with a huge variety of recipes.  The one that I recently love is the century egg and pork porridge.  It’s been a staple with my family and many other Chinese families for years.  It’s so good that even my korean friends love it: one friend had his girlfriend order him two quarts worth, just the porridge, so he can store it and eat it over finals.  She then will have other recipes such as sticky toffee pudding.  It’s rare to see this combination as one is British and one is clearly Chinese, but then again, if you’re from Singapore, it probably isn’t as crazy being that Singapore was once a British colony.  But stop with the digression you say!  Definitely check out her blog.  Her pictures show the steps of each dish pretty well!

Seeded At the Table: this is again a very diverse food blog with numerous recipes to share.  I want to list this one blog in particular because my BFF had just made her own batch of soft pretzel rolls using the recipe off this blog and she said it was a huge success!  The pictures that my BFF took and posted on FB were great, everything came out practically perfect.  So having that as backup, please take some time to check out this blog as a fun read or as an kitchen adventure to be had!

Wan Tan Mien: this is a chinese / cantonese food blog.  I found this when I was trying to research how to make egg tarts from scratch with homemade puff pastry dough.  Behold!  A Chinese grandmother (from Hong Kong I think) making them!  ON VIDEO!  I then found her website and it was chinese recipe heaven! Please check her out – her videos have subtitles on them so you won’t have a problem figuring out what she is saying.

Thanks again for your readership, and I hope to be posting a few more recipes and reviews this upcoming week!  Have a wonderful Monday!

Live healthy,


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