New Friends

throwback picture: friends from SE Asia

throwback picture: friends from SE Asia

This post has no food or recipes on here, but rather, it is an introduction to a few more foodie friends that I have found.  Lately I have been updating the Foodie Friends page which lists a handful of other fellow chefs, bloggers, and foodie lovers such as myself.  I can only aspire to be like some of these ladies as I don’t cook half as much as they do.  I wish I had a fully-armed kitchen, but having only moved to this place a little over a year ago, the majority of my cookware got eaten up by Mommma Lim’s kitchen.  (I was lucky to find my madeleine pan!) But I digress.  To get back on topic, let me introduce you to a few people:

Curls & Carrots: Shanna is actually the sister-in-law of a good friend of mine, both an Atlantan and fellow Domer.  She cooks a lot.  In addition, she has her own garden and used to have her own chickens (before someone brutally massacred them one night).  She has some pretty great references as well to other blogs which are just good reads.  I’ll actually have to ask her how she puts her recipes up on “print” format or with the print link because currently I only publish it as part of the post.  Please check her out, her cooking is wonderfully healthy and tasty!

Japanese Cooking 101: this is actually listed under “References” because I can’t seem to find out an actual author.  However, they have videos.  For those of you who know of my love for Japanese food, you know that this website can be considered a prized possession!  It is simple, easy to read, and the fact that you can pause the video mid-recipe is amazing because you can actually watch it once, and then play it while you cook so you have an instructor of some sort!

Dora’s Tablethis blog is an amazing resource.  Not to mention, her pictures are amazing as well.  It’s easy to read, light, and is a great varied collection.  For example, her last post is on korean mandoo (dumplings).  Like I said, the pictures themselves wow’d me first before the actual recipe.  However, following that is a link to a Charleston cheese spread! (it’s a girl after my own heart – cheese and asian food? hai hai!) Both her and her husband have also been in the food world for an extended period of time.  Great to have an experienced blogger on hand!

The Ravenous Couple: a combo duet that features a huge reference of recipes for Asian cuisine, focusing a majority of the time on SE Asian cooking.  For someone who was born in SE Asia, this is the closest step to home that I can get without forking over a $1800 plane ticket.  Asian cooking actually takes a lot of ingredients and a lot of prep work, for the meals that matter anyway.  There are so many flavors that it can be hard to decipher what ingredients go into the dish itself unless you’ve grown up with it that you can literally pick it out because that’s all you’ve ever eaten.  Definitely check them out! I printed off their Hainan Chicken Rice recipe and am waiting for the day where I have enough time to do it!

There are a few more foodie friends listed on the page, and I hope to introduce them officially in a later post this week.  If anything, they serve as an online “food porn” sort of reference.  If you love food, you will just love perusing their sites.  It’s like a massive Internet cookbook!

Until next time, eat well and live healthy!


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