Taiwanese Treats

Sweet HutDoraville, GA, USA

Many Asian bakeries and cafes around the suburbs of Atlanta are mostly Korean.  For the past decade or so, the fusion of french patisserie skills with the Asian flavors and likeness of the lighter versions of our decadent French ancestors has led to a number of sweet baked treats that are currently lofty dreams of yours truly.  I’ve definitely said and will state for the record that if I could learn to bake Asian treats with the flair of French pastries, I will die a happy chef.  That being said, having had the worst run-in with simple breads as of late, this will probably remain a dream for some time, especially since my wallet cannot afford many baking experimentations.

Sweet Hut though, is an anomaly.  It is an anomaly not only in the products that it serves, but also in their customers.  For the most part, Korean bakeries tend to cater to well…Koreans.  There are other minorities that will go there, but you will go in there and hear…korean.  Sweet Hut however, you go in there and you wonder exactly what SE Asian market you’ve ended up at, especially on the weekends.  It has the reputation of long lines, filled with old Asian aunties or even older grandmothers who have not one but two trays filled in pyramid-style of the sweet treats that are brought out almost every fifteen minutes to stock the shelves.  Yes, that’s how fast they go, especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The owners are reportedly Malaysian.  However, they hired a Taiwanese baker.  Product: taiwanese baked buns, cakes, and mini treats.  They even do a small side menu of street food consisting of tea eggs and “msg chicken nuggets”!  However, what I love best (asides from the baked goods) is the fact that they serve a large variety of bubble tea.  Why do I love this bubble tea of Sweet Hut’s?  It is because it is catered to the public.  You can dictate the amount of ice in your tea such as no ice, light ice, normal, heavier ice, etc. You can also dictate the level of sweetness: no sweetner, lightly sweet, half sweet, normal, extra sweet.  (Sweet heaven, I can cater my drink to my liking!) In comparison to Quickly, a chain bubble tea store just down the road whose bubble teas are excessively sweet to the point where every sip causes a cavity, this is a plus that cannot be found elsewhere.

Today though, I did not have bubble tea.  I did not have bubble tea because I had been up since 430am and ran 2/3rds of a half marathon, and I was sucking on my morning coffee like there was no tomorrow (also for reference, Sweet Hut has its own sea salt iced coffee which is another amazing story for later).  However, my running buddy treated me to one of my favorite indulgences at Sweet Hut: a slice of taro cake.

taro cake

taro cake

This taro cake is not overly sweet.  In addition, you cannot find this cake elsewhere, not like this.  The filling in between the cake layers has chunks of taro! Now mind you, if you do not like taro, this dessert is not for you.  But for someone like me who a) loves taro and b) loves not-so-sweet desserts, this is perfect.  Most Asian cakes and pastries do not use that sugary crusty frosting that you find in most European or rather, American cakes.  We like straight up heavy whipped cream “frosting”.  Hell, it’s not even frosting, it’s just whipped cream, lightly sweetened.  And it’s derishous.  While not as thick as normal 3-layer cakes are, I do find that the cake can be a little fluffier.  I could be wrong though as a chiffon cake structure probably would not hold the heavy cream topping well, much less the inner taro-chunky filling.

All in all, here is my rating for the taro cake slice:

  • taro cake: **** (4 stars)

I definitely plan on making this a series as this place is too good to only go once.  If you want to check out Sweet Hut on your own however, you can find them here:

5150 Buford Hwy
Ste A-100
Doraville, GA 30341

(404) 996-1993

Thank you for your readership and Bon apetit!


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3 thoughts on “Taiwanese Treats

  1. How nice that you have a bakery nearby with Taiwanese treats! The taro cake looks delicious! It’s funny–I used to hate taro when I was younger, but now I’ve grown to love it. The sea salt iced coffee sounds very interesting–hope you write about it soon!

    • Hello Ada! Thank you for stopping by! Yes it is a treat, luckily Atlanta has grown so much that it isn’t too difficult to get minority foods anymore. Will def blog about the sea salt iced coffee the next time I go. Love your blog, hope you don’t mind me linking up to you! Cheers!

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