I Love Pho!

I Love PhoDoraville, GA, USA

While my family frequents this pho restaurant off its newer location on Satellite Blvd, my running buddy for the Hot Chocolate race wanted something hot and soupy so we came to this branch here off Buford Hwy.  I have to admit though, this is probably one of my more favorite pho restaurants.  I will have to ask my pho experts though on what they think of this place as they tend to prefer Pho Bac or Pho Dai Loi.

The appeal of I Love Pho (I believe) is their size.  HA! I know, most pho restaurants have extremely enormous extra-large bowls of pho.  I want to say though that with I Love Pho, this is a deceitful ploy because the bowl is not filled to a half-inch below the rim.  Instead, there is at least a good inch or two, if not three of space from the rim where the oh-so-decadent goodness nectar of life…or beef broth ends.

I can’t say that I am a lover of pho.  Don’t hate me because my disclaimer is that I have yet to have homemade pho, without the msg.  Having eaten fairly healthy for so long, my body can’t take severe amounts of grease, quantities of food, or msg (believe it or not).  If there was a war and all we had to survive on was fast food, I’d be one of the first victims claimed.  But I do enjoy a good bowl of piping hot soup, especially after having run 9+ miles in below-freezing weather.  But perhaps the selling point of pho for me is…the rice noodles.

Rice noodles are my downfall.  Noodles period are the game changer, but I like rice noodles best.  Guess what pho has!!

Needless to say, today I got my typical spicy beef stew with added beef tendon meatballs.  I had to load up on the protein for some muscle rejuvenation as well as the tendon.  Why the tendon you say?  Believe it or not, there is an old Chinese wives tale that says if you eat tendon or ligaments (such as beef tendon or chicken feet), it helps with arthritis and joint degeneration.  I actually liked the size of my spicy beef stew (Bo Kho).  Even though it was considered a “large”, it was perfect for a hungry runner.  Normally though, I would not be able to finish it.  In fact (shocker here), I didn’t finish the noodles because I was so full from the meat and soup.

spicy beef stew (bo kho)

spicy beef stew (bo kho)

Prior to our main entrees, we ordered goi cuon (spring rolls) as an appetizer.  Admittedly, my friend JYS was right: Pho Dai Loi #3 does have better spring rolls than I Love Pho.  For some reason, these rolls were mainly noodle and lettuce.  I always appreciate an even ratio of carb to meat, and there was definitely not enough shrimp to account for the other less-tasty stuffings.

In summary:

  • bo kho (beef stew): ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • goi cuon (spring rolls): **.75 (2.75 stars)

If you wanted to try I Love Pho for yourself, please check them out at this location.  Keep in mind that they do have a Jimmy Carter Blvd location in Georgia as well as a Satellite Blvd location as well.  I will definitely have to do a review on their broken rice platters as well.  For $10 the variety on the plate is astounding and feeds more than two for light eaters.

5145 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340

(770) 696-1662

Until next time…


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