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Dynasty: Alpharetta, GA, USA

My parents actually frequent this restaurant quite a bit with their church friends.  As the owners used to attend the mother church of ACCCN down in Tucker, I want to say that the majority of the people who attend are also supporters.  The good thing is that the food is actually pretty good for chinese food.  I can’t say that it is any particular type of chinese food as it seems to have a decent mix of things that are seemingly Cantonese and also things that are Szechuan.  However, this only bodes well for those who have a very large palate and like to eat a variety of dishes.

I tend to find that the majority of minority restaurants are located outside of Atlanta, or as the locals would say, “OTP” (outside the perimeter).  That doesn’t go to say that there aren’t any great eats within the perimeter either because there are.  However, if you are looking for authentic and legit minority food such as Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian…my mouth wants to say that it’s going to be right at the border or outside in the suburbs.  For one, the ‘burbs have the better school systems.  Majority of minority restaurants are well, ran by minorities who of course will shoot for the best regarding their children.  This is just a theory but then you throw in the cost of living in Buckhead or Midtown and it’s just game over.

Moving on…while I have been to this restaurant multiple times, I always forget to blog about it.  However, it is truly a great gem to eat at.  The portions are fairly decently sized if not slightly large.  I would definitely recommend family style though.  There are a few dishes that you can order for yourself, and their lunch combos are of course individualized, but for dinner or for a group event, the best way is the family way.

Here are a few dishes that I thought were a bit interesting:

Pickled potato appetizer: their appetizers are fabulous.  This one is a favorite of mine particularly.  They have taken potato and shredded it but instead of cooking it, they preserved it and pickled it.  I’ve never seen this before in any other chinese restaurant.  It’s not too sour or acidic and yet not too sweet either.  The potato is still fairly crunchy too.  I suppose it is a great way to use potato which is always consistently cheaper than the Kirby cucumbers which is what most restaurants will use for a pickled appetizer.

potato appetizer

potato appetizer

Salt & Pepper chicken: I personally would not get this dish, not that it isn’t tasty but it isn’t what I am used to nor expecting.  For one, we got it because there was a youngster with us that day.  But even then, this is not what we expected.  For one, it is nugget style.  It is not compressed mystery meat but real chunks of chicken.  However, for most of us, when someone says “salt & pepper chicken” we think of a half or whole chicken that is cooked peking duck style, with a ridiculously crispy skin and a salt-pepper dip combo which we can sprinkle over our “slices” of chicken, bone-in.  That is the way that I personally think that salt & pepper chicken should be done.  It is more expensive, but then again, for the younger and more “Americanized” generations, this is the Asian version of the Chik-fil-A chicken nugget.  It’s not bad, but it’s not what most of us expected.

salt & pepper chicken

salt & pepper chicken

House tofu with vegetables: I honestly love the way that this tofu is prepared.  It is fried on the outside but then served with a (yes very corn-starchy) sauce and vegetables.  Normally my family would ask them to put very little salt and no MSG, but today it was still fairly light and clean in flavor.  The tofu is very soft so I believe they use silken tofu, but how they manage to fry it without demolishing the cubes of beany softness is beyond me.  I feel though that it could have a little bit more vegetables  or more tofu as there was quite an immense amount of sauce left.  It almost makes me think that the sauce is to compensate as filler for the space left on the plate.  Tastewise though it is fairly yummy.

house tofu

house tofu

A summary:

  • potato appetizer: **** (4 stars)
  • salt & pepper chicken: *** (3 stars)
  • house tofu with vegetables: ***.5 (3.5 stars)

We will most definitely have more dishes from Dynasty as this is right next to my high school and only ten minutes from my house.  I hope that if you go, you definitely check out their vast menu, especially if you are in the Alpharetta area.  Thanks again for your continued patronage and hope to see you more often!

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
10955 Jones Bridge Rd
Ste 104
Alpharetta, GA 30022

(770) 751-1888

web: http://dynastyalpharetta.com


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