New Read: GirlMeetsFood

I recently stumbled across this article through a link from a FB post off a fellow Domer now-turned Seattle-ite.  He has been thoroughly converted to a foodie after I visited him when he first moved out to Washington by joining him on various culinary adventures around the city, and this inspiration was then cultivated to new heights when he met his girlfriend, Robyn S. Needless to say, I was proud to see him post an article on Seattle’s Eater magazine about a woman who survived a whole year on Starbucks products (more on that in another post).  However, from that same webpage, I clicked on another article that was written by M. Kwong on the DC Eater site regarding Americanized Chinese food.

Needless to say, the post, while written by Eater Staff and given essentially by M.K, was witty and very humorous.  It is also true.  My favorite on the list would be #3: Chop Suey.  HA! What an ingenious way of describing it’s potential history.  I have to admit though, I have never ordered chop suey only because the description of it mentally tastes revolting.  The article definitely articulates it well.  There are other things though that I suppose as an Asian-American, I definitely have eaten and somewhat enjoyed.  It is possible though that my taste buds have been partially converted, and I also do not have lactose intolerance (thank you Jesus!).  I love cheese, especially of the fancy kind, and I also love my crabmeat wontons.  Honestly, it is hard to make anything with cream cheese taste like crap unless you well…curdle the cheese to the point of moldy fermentation.

mary kwong-de vito - editor, writer

Mary Kwong-De Vito – editor, writer

From that one post, I went onto her actual website and blog, GirlMeetsFood, and it is FANTASTIC.  It’s the type of blog that I at one point want to obtain, and I am so glad I came across yet another positive influence from which not only to inspire to but to read from.  I also happen to love DC, having worked at an internship there years before, and her blog is a great reference for lifestyles in that city as well as food and drink.  But let’s face it, the foodie in me is going more for the food and drink than anything else.

Definitely take a look if you’re into a good read or if you simply want a good reference for socializing out in our Nation’s capital.  Her website is now under my “Friends” page and also linked above in the article.  I found a picture of her on twitter via Internet search.  Hopefully she won’t mind me linking it to her site and my post (if you do, please let me know and I’ll take it off.)



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