Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Cafe Tu Tu TangoOrlando, FL, USA

On our trip to Orlando, FL, we decided to make our first meal a tapas meal.  Cafe Tu Tu Tango was situated right outside our Castle Doubletree hotel on International Drive (I-Drive) and after a late check-in, we rushed in hoping to at least make the end of the dinner hour.

Now I had heard that food in Orlando was supposed to be spectacular.  I was really looking forward to some new dishes and new flavors.  Fortunately, Cafe Tu Tu Tango was pretty bustling, even at the late hour of 9:3opm.  The atmosphere was very chaotic: lighting was dim with exception for a few spotlights in the center area for the artists at work.  The walls were lined with bright colored artworks as well as hand-painted wine bottles.  It created a very bourgeois-like feel, at least, if you feel like eating in a loud and rambunctious arena of hippie artists showcasing various pieces of art.

The food however was a tremendous disappointment:

First on the list was a roasted pear with fig pastry drizzled with a balsamic reduction and served with a small side of field greens with goat cheese.  This dish was the best out of all the dishes that we ordered that night.  A did not even like this dish too much, stating that the fig pastry was much too sweet.  It was sweet indeed, resembling something like a baklava almost.  Then again, it went well with the freshness of the field greens and the goat cheese.  I am not a big fan of the roasted pears.  The fruit was a bit mushy, and it is my suspicion that the pears were overripe prior to cooking.

pear salad

pear salad

Our second dish was a smoked salmon salad that was far from spectacular.  I could’ve driven myself to the local Trader Joe’s, bought a slab of smoked salmon and a bag of field greens and slapped this dish together with my existing goat cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing.  The salad was also served with a pickle that was pretty disgusting.  This pickle was pretty bland and did not have the nice crunch that some other pickles have.  I personally could have done without this dish.

The third dish does not have an accommodating picture as I was so disgusted with the food that I decided not to waste time taking a picture.  Not to mention, the restaurant had dimmed down their lights significantly at this point, and I was physically unable to take a decent shot without using the flash on my point-and-shoot.  We decided to get the braised ribs to get some meat into our system for the night.  The meat was not tender nor was it falling off the bone.  It was very dry and while the flavor was there, it felt like I was chewing on leftover rib bones.  Then again, my homemade teriyaki spareribs still taste pretty good the day after.  The only bonus was the amount of ribs actually on the plate.  We had enough ribs to take one or two ribs back with the leftover smoked salmon salad.  It is safe to note that in the end, we did not eat any of the leftovers from this restaurant in the end.**

All in all, a summary:

  • pear with fig pastry & side salad: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • smoked salmon field greens salad: ** (2 stars)
  • braised ribs small plate: ** (2 stars for quantity)

Should you desire to try out Cafe Tu Tu Tango for your own meanderings, do so at your own risk.  You can find them at:

8625 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

Bon apetit!


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