Last weekend, my sister and I took Momma L. to Treehouse restaurant, a converted house located in midtown Atlanta to bar/restaurant.  Aside from the long wooden extension that some would simply call a porch, this restaurant camouflages itself well within the natural beauty of the neighborhood.  While slightly hard to find on King Street, I found this place to be quite the gastronomical adventure!

Today’s Tasting Menu included:

English Club Burger: a big hearty patty of moo-goodness topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and served on a toasted English muffin.  What’s not to love?  Served with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle not to mention a side of fries which can be substituted for a side salad or if you did what I did, sweet potato hash!

english club burger

english club burger

Fish Tacos: battered pieces of tilapia with purple lettuce in a soft taco shell

Cheese Grit Cake: homestyle southern grits that were slow-cooked with grated cheddar cheese and then baked in a pan.  Then each “cake” is slowly pan-fried until the outer layer becomes a crispy savory crust.

cheese grit cake

cheese grit cake

Wedge Salad: literally a wedge of a lettuce head topped with dressing and various salad condiments.

Top menu items were, hands down, the English Club Burger and the Cheese Grit cake.  You could see the juice ooze out from the meat as the burger came out piping hot.  The bacon was a very nice addition to the flavor of beef and went well with cheddar cheese.  I think the only thing that made it English was the English muffin.  The thing about serving this burger combo on an English muffin is that it fills you up quite fast being that the E.M. is more condensed than a normal hamburger bun.

The sweet potato hash was the perfect substitution side item to this burger (or any burger on the menu possibly).  It consisted of diced sweet potatoes stir-fried with onions and ham.  Sweet potatoes have a slightly different sweetness than that of fried onions.  It has a little less of a tanginess to the sweetness, and the combination of both onion and sweet potato went very well with the saltiness of the diced ham.

sweet potato hash

sweet potato hash

The cheese grit cake sounded like quite a lot of work and probably something I may or may not try in my own kitchen, but the taste is quite unique.  It’s actually pretty heavy and I would not recommend it with a burger unless you are absolutely starving or your stomach has the capability of expanding to the size of a blimp.  The flavor is perfect for a cheese grit cake: there isn’t too much cheese but it isn’t bland to the point where you’re wondering if they added any cheese at all.  Cheddar is usually a good choice of cheese for grits, but I do wonder what Havarti would do to this side item.

Disappointments were again, the fish tacos and the wedge salad.  Somehow seeing a wedge of lettuce immediately caused my stomach to turn.  Lettuce has almost just as much appeal to me as celery.  Just because there is a dollop of ranch dressing on there doesn’t make it any better.  It’s like taking an ugly dog and putting it in a really cute doggy sweater: still an ugly dog!  As for the fish tacos, I have yet to find a joint that makes fish tacos as delicious as that one bar that my old roommate Derek took me to down in San Diego.  I’ll have to ask him again what the name of that place was as they were renown for their fish tacos.

All in all, a summary:

  • English Club Burger: ****(4 stars)
  • Cheese grit cake: ***.5 (3.5 stars for being too heavy)
  • Sweet potato hash: ****(4 stars)
  • Wedge Salad: ** (2 stars)
  • Fish Tacos: ** (2 stars)

If you wanted to check out Treehouse yourself:

7 Kings Circle 
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-266-2732

Bon Apetit!


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