Brainwashed: San Francisco, CA, USA

A uniquely designed laundromat-cafe stands at the corner of Folsom & Langton and serves a very interesting and satiating variety of meals.  If you’re looking for your wooden styled Starbucks coffee shop, this is not the place for you.  It boasts metal tabletops and menuboard with tags of appetizers, breakfasts, entrees, and drinks.  Portions are average for the normal eater, and huge for the portioned eater such as myself.  As music softly trinkles through some speaker that has yet to be found, the tunes of “Son of a Preacher Man” and other old time songs reach your ears, just at that perfect volume for you to be able to identify the song but not enough to drown out the conversation of your partner.

Today’s headliner items:

Dill Tuna Salad sandwich – fresh tuna salad (with apparently very little to no mayo), red onion, and lettuce/tomato.  A side of field greens salad chosen instead of fries and…

Fish sandwich – seared Chilean tilapia with salsa fresca, avocado, jalapeno aioli, and fresh field greens on rosemary foccacia.  A side salad was also chosen instead of fries.  House dressing: honey vinaigrette (yum!)

fish sandwich

fish sandwich

Let us first address the issue of the Dill Tuna Salad Sandwich.  If you’re looking for a traditional tuna salad, this is not it.  It was more of a tuna salad for health-food lovers rather than a traditional tuna salad: there was almost no mayo nor was there any relish found in the tuna salad.  In fact, I think it was probably made with some lemon-juice, salt, and pepper.  If you like that sort of flavor, by all means, knock yourself out.  I can’t say that I was a fan.  If I want the taste of tuna, I will get it in a seared tuna steak.   But when I’m in the mood for tuna salad, I want a little taste of mayo if not a teeny bit of relish!

The Fish Sandwich was a fantastic choice – there is a good portion of seared fish between the two pieces of rosemary foccacia.  The foccacia was a great choice for bread because it’s not super condensed which would’ve been too much in a mouthful with the fish steak, but it is dense enough to hold all the other ingredients that supplement the flavor of the fish.  Salsa fresca was decently portioned to give just a hint of flavor of tomatoes and onions.  I didn’t taste too much of the jalapeno aioli however nor did I taste the avocado.  The field greens were…so-so.  I suppose if I had gotten the side of french fries instead of the side salad, the greens would have made more of a difference in the sandwich.

Side salad: I like field greens.  And I like honey balsamic vinaigrette too.  The combination of those two make for a wonderful side salad.  It would probably be better with some grape tomatoes and feta cheese though.

A summary:

  • Dill Tuna Salad Sandwich: **.5 (2.5 stars)
  • Fish Sandwich: **** (4 stars)
  • Side of field greens salad: **** (4 stars)

Information should you ever decide to visit San Francisco and are looking for a place to eat is as follows:

1122 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 861-3663

Bon apetit!


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